FREE Energisers and Group Games

FREE Energisers and Group Games

PURPOSE | Energisers and Collaborative Activities to Boost Energy Levels and Get Things Going

Maintain Energy

Don’t limit icebreakers and games to the beginning of a session. Use them to revitalise a group, shift state and maintain high energy.

There are times when people’s energy will drop - particularly after long presentations, lunch breaks and during late afternoon. Energisers are fast and fun ways to put people at ease, boost energy levels and re-engage brains in the learning.


Energiser | Clap Snap Association




Gather group in a circle sitting on the floor.

Start by teaching them the clap, clap, snap, snap left, snap, snap right and repeat several times until they have the hang of it.

Then explain that we are going to free associate. At the end of the second snap to the right the first player says any first word that comes to their mind.

Tell the players to shout out their words loudly so all can hear over the clapping and snapping.

Keep going around the circle in a clockwise fashion until you get to the end. 


Energiser | Clap Snap Association 2


You can play this with clap snap or simply as a word association game.

The facilitator begins by saying the name of any country, city, river, ocean or mountain that can be found in an atlas.

The person to the left ;must then say another name that begins with the last letter of the word just given.

Each person has a definite time limit (e.g. three - five seconds) and no names can be repeated. For example - First person: Wellington, Second Person: Ngaruawhaia,Third Person: Auckland


Energiser | Clap Snap Association 3


You can play this with clap snap or simply as a word association game.

The first person starts with any word they wish i.e. red.

The next person repeats the first word and adds another word which links to the first i.e. tomato.

The next person repeats the previous word and add another word link i.e. soup and so on.

Each person has a definite time limit (e.g. three - five seconds) and no names can be repeated.


Energiser | Impulse




Have the group form a circle and hold hands around the circle.

Ask the group to send a pulse signal through the group.

Time it. Now challenge the group to do it faster.

Note: If you allow the group several opportunities make sure you have a timer that displays hundredths of a second.


Energiser | Clap and Point




Participants form a circle.

The facilitator sends a clap all the way around the circle, first in one direction, then in the other direction.

The facilitator then shows participants how they can change the direction of the clap, by pointing the clapping hands in the opposite direction.

Repeat this until the clap is running smoothly around the group and changing direction without missing a beat.

Finally, show how you can ‘throw’ the clap by pointing the clapping hands at someone across the circle.


Energiser | The Clock




Create a large circle by having the group join hands.

Mark one spot inside the circle as 12 o.clock and another as 6 o.clock

Have the group rotate in one direction, returning to the start position, in as little time as possible.

After discussing strategies, the group can try to improve its previous record. 


Energiser | Zip Zap Boing


Bean Bag or Small Ball


Everyone stands in a circle and one person starts the throwing the ball.

If you throw the ball to one of the two people either side of you, you say Zip.

If you throw it to anyone else in the whole group you say Zap, and

If you throw it back to the person that threw the ball to you, you say Boing.

Players lose by either not catching the ball or saying the wrong word for the wrong action. 


Energiser | Storytelling




Gather the players in a circle. Ask one of the players to volunteer a genre of books (mystery, romance etc.) and then ask another player for a title for the book you are going to create.

Have one player start telling the story and they will need to continue to tell the story until you (the leader) points to another player.

That player will need to pick up exactly where the other player left off (even if it’s mid sentence or mid word).

Continue until all but one player has contributed and then say “and the moral of the story is” and point to the final player to finish it off.


Energiser | SUDDENLY




As the group facilitator you can start a story with a sentence that ends in SUDDENLY. (Or choose someone from the group) For example; 'Yesterday I went to the zoo and was passing the elephant enclosure when SUDDENLY.....'

The next person then has to add to the story with his own sentence that ends in SUDDENLY.

Continue the story until everyone has contributed. The story becomes more bizarre as each person adds their sentence.


Energiser | I’m Seeking Common Ground


Enough chairs for all participants, minus one.


Group sits in a circle of chairs with one person standing in the middle (no empty chairs).

The person in the middle says, I seek common ground with people who were born south of Wellington! Anyone who was, including the person asking the question, must get up and run across the circle to find a new seat. You can’t take the seat of the person next to you.

There will be one person left in the middle who must ask the next question.  Possibilities include: people who wear glasses. Likes vanilla ice cream better than chocolate.

The facilitator can ask the first few questions to get the game going and set the tone, then handover to the to player in the middle.


Energiser | Impossible Connections




Have the group begin to wander around the room.

When the leader calls out a command like three left elbows then as quick as you can, players should gather in groups of three with left elbows touching.

Follow with any combination of four hips, two right feet, six knees, two shoulders, seven left hands etc. 


Energiser | All Right! Okay!

Every time the facilitator says "alright," participants respond with "OK."

Each time the facilitator says "OK," participants respond with "alright."

This game is played for the rest of the workshop/session.

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