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Engaging Staff Training Designed with Purposeful Learning
and Effective On Job Performance in Mind

Excellerate designs, develops and delivers tailor made training that connects relevant content with effective delivery to meet your business objectives and staff development needs. When you need to more closely align your training outcomes with your workforce development strategies and organisation's goals, then Excellerate's tightly tailored training solutions will help you to meet those objectives more effectively

Excellerate's customised staff training is designed to provide a more complete approach to promote purposeful learning and effective on job performance.

Compared to off-the-shelf programmes and public courses, Excellerate's tailor made training achieves a greater impact by directly linking learning to your organisational goals, business objectives and employee development needs. By ensuring that your training is not an isolated event but part of a planned and deliberate development strategy there is a higher transfer of knowledge and skills. However, when it comes to investing in staff training and development, most organisations have to manage two competing interests:  

Excellerate can help you to manage the depth, breadth and duration balance by:

Designing Different Levels of Training

Not everyone in your employee training group will need the same depth of knowledge and skill. Excellerate can design your training to accommodate different levels of learning from short awareness or refresher sessions to focused skill building workshops to more in depth learning experiences that incorporate follow up coaching.

Pacing Training Delivery

Excellerate can design your training programme so that it can be rolled out over time. For example, initial workshops can focus on the fundamentals while a second series extends learning through more advanced knowledge and skill development. This paced modular approach enables you to manage your employee development as your time and budget allows.

Incorporating Flexible Scheduling

Excellerate's flexible approach can minimise disruptions to your production and customer operations by scheduling training to accommodate your timeframes and your employee commitments and shift schedules. For example, longer workshops can be delivered in shorter increments, after standard business hours or even during weekends.

How much does Customised Staff Training Cost?

A customised training design process does not necessarily require a great deal of time or resource, but it can make a world of difference in creating engaging training that is more relevant and effective in achieving your staff development objectives. 

Your training is customised to address the specific learning needs of your employee group so depending on the type of course, the instructional design elements, its duration, location and number of participants, pricing will vary. However, if you have 5 or more employees, Excellerate's in-house staff training is often a more cost effective and time efficient solution than sending your employees to a public training course. 

How can you get the Best Return on your Training Investment?

The real return on an organisation's training investment comes from the application of newly acquired knowledge and skills on the job and yet a high percentage of learners apply less than 50% of their new knowledge. Competence is only fully achieved when employees have integrated their learning into actionable skill sets within their workflow.

Unfortunately, even when training is well designed and effectively delivered the knowledge and skills people learn often fail to stick. Many employees struggle with their good intentions to implement their post training action plans because overwhelm, anxiety and ingrained habits prevent them from applying their newly acquired skills and knowledge on the job.

During training learners are introduced to new knowledge and skills in a controlled environment and yet in the workplace their performance context is much more complex. There is more at stake, the risks of getting it wrong are greater, things move at a faster pace and, unlike life in a relatively stable training course, people use many skills at the same time. Under this type of pressure most learners default to old ingrained patterns of behaviour. 

Coaching Translates Learning from Training into Effective On Job Performance

When coaching is incorporated as an integral part of a training and development strategy it helps people to bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap". It supports training transfer by helping individuals move from acquiring knowledge to applying knowledge.

A coaching study (Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, and Richard E. Kopelman 1997) showed that a programme combining training and coaching increased participants’ productivity by 88 percent, versus the 22.4 percent increase shown by managers enrolled in a training-only programme.

Coaching has proven to be a highly effective method in facilitating effective learning transfer. The on-going coaching cycle of goal-directed, deep learning enables an employee to integrate the theoretical learning from their formal training. The dual developmental processes, of training and coaching, work together to support skill development and mastery.

Excellerate's customised training can incorporate pre and post workshop coaching that prepares people for learning, consolidates their learning and enables them to apply that learning once they return to work.


How to Get Started

If you would like to discuss running a training course or an employee development programme within your organisation, specifically tailored to your needs, in a location of your choice, please use the enquiry form to arrange a time for a confidential, obligation free consultation.

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