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Excellerate designs and facilitates customised in house Frontline Customer Service training that fosters the customer focused attitudes, skills and behaviours required to deliver exceptional and memorable service. The following training outlines include example learning agenda as Excellerate tailors your training based on your employee's specific learning needs and your business priorities.

Instructionally sound, tailor made training that targets your learning needs and business objectives

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Emotionally engaging learning that's challenging, memorable and fun

Learning materials that can incorporate your branding when required

5+ employees? In-house training is often a more cost effective and efficient solution than a public training course

EXCEED Customer Service Courses, Skill Builder Workshops and Development Programmes

  • Customer service staff need a sound understanding of the principles of great Customer Service, the importance of their role and their impact on customers. Then they need to master the skills to convert this insight into everyday behaviour to deliver exceptional customer service. Develop the essential service, interpersonal and relationship management skills to build rapport, assess needs, respond to requests, manage expectations and deal with customers confidently.
  • Even with the best processes and procedures things go wrong so it's inevitable that customers will approach you with issues and concerns. Whether these issues escalate into reputational disasters, and lost customers, will depend on how well the issue is handled. The ability to respond to a service failure and resolve customer complaints is critical to retaining customers, generating long-term loyalty and building a great word of mouth reputation.
  • Not every service failure or complaint will escalate into a customer who loses their cool - but when they do customer service staff require the confidence and the conflict resolution skills to effectively manage angry, difficult and demanding customers. The ability to handle strong emotions, defuse conflict and resolve issues while preserving the customer relationship and professional credibility is essential to retaining your customers and your brand integrity.
  • Customer service staff need to project a professional presence as their service interactions and personal conduct influences how a company is perceived. In many instances, from a customer’s perspective, your frontline employees are your company. Projecting a professional presence and remaining resilent in demanding frontline service roles is an essential service excellence competency.
  • Managers, team leaders and on job trainers, with the specialist service, product and procedural knowledge, who are trained to coach their peers and team members in their skilful use of customer service skills significantly increases the transfer of learning from the training room to the workplace. Effective coaching also continues to build the on-going technical knowledge, interpersonal expertise and customer centric culture required to create consistently exceptional customer experiences.
  • Customer experience management enables businesses (and work teams) to differentiate their products and services by defining the actions and service behaviours that generate exceptional and memorable customer experiences. Engage the talents, customer insights and expertise of your front-line staff in designing, developing and implementing a unique, authentic on brand service that your customers will love and your competitors cannot duplicate.
  • Professional service excellence requires a foundation of personal technical competence. Great systems, procedures and even courteous service interactions will make little difference to customer satisfaction if frontline staff don't have the technical job and procedural knowledge and skills to perform the core service transaction accurately and efficiently.

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