Excellerate Approach to Engaging Training

Engaging Training Designed with Purposeful Learning 
and Effective On Job Performance in Mind

Staff training and employee development represents a significant commitment in terms of time, money and resource and yet few organisations realise the full return on this investment. The reason for this is that while conscious learning can increase the acquisition of knowledge and skills applying these successfully in the workplace frequently requires additional strategies. Excellerate's customised staff training is designed to provide a more complete approach that promotes purposeful learning with the motivation and confidence to turn that learning into effective on job performance

Excellerate's Philosophy, Methodology and Approach to
Designing and Delivering Engaging High Impact Training

Strategic and Cultural Alignment
Essential to the success of any training initiative is the programme’s alignment to the organisation’s vision, values, strategic goals and culture. Where these are aligned key messages and practices are reinforced which enables and sustains meaningful change.

Competency Frameworks
Competency frameworks provide a useful way to facilitate learning and focus performance. Where appropriate, Excellerate integrates existing competency frameworks and appraisal processes into our programmes to ensure consistency and stronger strategic alignment.

Psychometrics and Self Assessments
Where appropriate, psychometric self-assessments are integrated into the learning experience to enable an increased insight into the effect learners have on themselves and others. We use both formal and informal psychometric tools with great success.

Experiential Learning
Individuals and groups learn best from experience. Excellerate's approach ensures that training programmes are highly experiential, enabling people to shape their learning for themselves through proven exercises and practice sessions.

Effective Facilitation
Excellerate adopts a facilitative approach which draws out the knowledge and experience of the group, rather than just transmitting trainer knowledge, so the learning process becomes that much more accessible, relevant and memorable.

Three Levels of Engagement
Training needs to connect with learners at an intellectual, emotional and behavioural level to enable success. Excellerate's training programmes emphasise all three levels of engagement to promote sustainable learning.

Support balanced with Challenge Environment
Critical to the success of any learning experience is a climate that encourages trust, credibility, open-mindedness, engagement, challenge and commitment. Excellerate's training process involves contracting at the start of programme to enable a relevant and high-impact learning experience.

Performance Stretch vs Comfort Zone
Individuals and groups learn and perform best when they are neither too comfortable (comfort zone) nor when they are too uncomfortable (panic zone). Between these two extremes is the stretch zone where the learning environment takes people out of their comfort zone with an appropriate balance of support and challenge.

Timely Feedback
We all have blind spots that undermine our ability to perform to our potential. High quality, well timed and framed feedback can help us to overcome our blind spots. Excellerate's facilitation and training design creates opportunities for challenging, supportive and appropriate feedback within the learning environment.

Pre and Post Training Coaching
The majority of learners will transfer a new skill into their practice when:

  • Theory, demonstration, practice, and corrective feedback occurs during the training, and  
  • Off job training is followed up with job-embedded coaching.

Excellerate provides opportunities for pre and post workshop coaching that prepares people for learning, consolidates their learning and enables them to apply that learning once they return to work.

Ownership and Self-Directed Learning
In order to sustain the learning beyond the training environment, each learner needs to take responsibility for their own learning. Excellerate's job is to create an environment which is conducive towards learning and the learners job is to engage with this opportunity.

Learning Partnerships
Even if we are new to a field and don’t have the confidence of an expert, we can still provide important learning opportunities to others.The use of learning partners creates opportunities for learners to take increased ownership of their own learning and to support and challenge the learning of their fellow participants.

Reflection and Planning
We learn from personal experience when we stand back and take the time to reflect on that experience. Learners require time to assimilate new information, to reflect on and share what they have learned if it is to become part of their repertoire. Excellerate's training creates opportunities for learners to reflect and then formulate practical action plans to translate their learning into improved on job performance.

Fun and Good Humour
Learning and teaching are social processes therefore the atmosphere of a learning environment is very important. Humour can reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn makes it easier for learners to experiment, take risks and make mistakes. All critical elements of a successful learning experience. Excellerate makes a clear distinction between the requirement of achieving outcomes and the process of getting there enjoyable and memorable.

Transparent Business Practice  
You can also read Excellerate's business terms and conditions for our in house training and consultancy services so you know exactly what to expect and what's involved when you choose to partner with us.


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