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Excellerate's Results Focused EXCEL Team Building, Training
and Development Empowers Teams to Work Better Together

Excellerate’s customised team building, learning and performance improvement programmes provide Leaders and their teams with a deeper understanding of group dynamics as well as the tools and practical skills to guide the development and sustain the performance of an effective, cohesive and productive work team. 

Engaging collective team effort to work better together

WHY You Need to Invest in Developing Your Team 

Organisations typically hire people one at a time however their employees can only achieve their professional objectives, and the organisation's goals, by collaborating effectively with others.

Whether a company's processes are organised into formal work teams, or not, very few products or services are the result of individual effort. In fact, the whole point of an organisation is to harness the collective efforts of people working together to serve their customers better. Investing in the ongoing development and maintenance of effective and productive work teams is therefore an essential and fundamental requirement to successfully address your organisational and business challenges.

WHAT Type of Team Building is Most Effective?

The term team building, and even the industry itself, is now so broad that it often leads to confusion as it can encompass anything from recreational, social and corporate philanthropic events to development strategies that focus on skills and strategies to improve a team's effectiveness. In Excellerate's work with teams, it's therefore helpful to differentiate between low impact recreational team events and high impact team building that's focused on strengthening cohesion, collaboration and collective performance.

EXCEL Performance Team Building and Development

Increases the ability of an intact team to work together to achieve their mission

The team building process involves the "intact" work team whose members regularly work together to achieve specific goals.

It involves defining goals and improvement opportunities, formulating strategies to build on strengths, reduce ineffective practices, minimise barriers and plan for ongoing team effectiveness. The team takes responsibility for the implementation of its plan.

Excellerate EXCEL Team Training programmes

Develops the knowledge and skills required for effective collaboration and teamwork

Participants who attend team training may be individuals from a specific intact work team or they can be members from different groups.

Participants attend a facilitated training course or workshop to acquire new knowledge, skills, methods, tools and techniques which they apply on return to work with their own teams.

Recreational Team Building

Reward, Recognition, Fun and Celebration 

Recreational team building can be useful for celebrating a team's achievements, establishing new relationships or even promoting a brand - in the case of philanthropic charity events. It will not fix a struggling team nor build and sustain a high performance team. 

A considerable body of research clearly demonstrates that recreational team building and event based approaches have little sustainable impact in improving the effectiveness of the vast majority of work groups. (Katzenbach and Smith 1993; Wagemen 2008)

Effective Team Training and Development is more than a Feel Good Intervention

Effective team training is guided by educational science. It utilises sound instructional principles, planning and follow-up, with a system that supports the transfer of new knowledge and skills to the actual job environment.

WHEN Should You Invest in Team Building and Development? 

Specific conditions need to exist for a team building process to be most effective. These guidelines can help you to determine when an EXCEL team building intervention would be a worthwhile investment. 

  • Your team is preparing to take on a new project, challenge or greater responsibilities
  • Your team has plateaued and there is a sense of complacency amongst its members
  • There are changes to the team leadership or major changes in team membership
  • Your team is newly established or has been restructured and needs to be reformed
  • Your team is under performing in relation to expectations or its collective potential
  • Your team functions as a group of independent individuals rather than a cohesive team
  • Your team members lack clarity and have varied perceptions of team goals and objectives
  • There’s confusion about the roles, responsibilities and authority of team members
  • Your team lacks effective skills and procedures for planning, problem solving, and decision-making
  • There are poor interpersonal relationships within the team that undermines engagement and performance
  • Team communication is poor, and conflict is either avoided or is destructive and unmanageable
  • Team members are either overly dependent or resistant towards their leadership
  • Team members are resistant to or experiencing difficulty with organisational change
  • Evaluation of team performance or progress is required to stimulate growth or focus improvement
  • Team members don't collaborate well or lack commitment to the teamYour team's morale fluctuates or is consistently low

Purposeful Performance Focused
EXCEL Team Building and Development

The reality is that building and maintaining successful teams takes time, commitment and focus from team leaders and members. And, when it comes to team building what works for one team may not work for another. That's why Excellerate's EXCEL Team Building and Development is designed to provide a more complete approach, with custom designed workshops and programmes that develop awareness, insight and performance sustaining team skills.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT designed with YOUR Team in Mind

Excellerate works closely with you to formulate and facilitate team development strategies that focus on specific learning, business and team performance needs. A combination of consultation, needs analysis and, where relevant, team diagnostics ensures the careful and considered design of your EXCEL Team programme. This ensures that you:

  • Target the specific developmental needs of your team
  • Harness the individual and collective strengths of your people
  • Build clarity, alignment and commitment to team goals and direction
  • Improve team dynamics to enhance relationships and improve results
  • Develop the skills, systems and processes required for optimal team performance


TEAM DEVELOPMENT that's Fit for For Purpose

Excellerate has a wealth of experience and a comprehensive suite of resources and strategies which are utilised to design your programme. What we don't do is recycle, rebrand and roll out the same programme every time. We carefully select tools, techniques and strategies and combine them (with acts of creative imagination) to provide unique learning experiences for each team based on their situation, challenges, development needs and objectives.


TEAM DEVELOPMENT with Active Memorable Learning Strategies

Memory is linked to emotion which is why Excellerate' development methodology includes a combination of learning strategies to ensure that your programme is thought provoking, emotionally engaging and behaviourally challenging - as well as memorable and fun. What we don't do is to confuse "entertrainment" with effective learning and performance improvement. We anchor our design in proven adult learning practices, organisational development, human performance technologies, and thoroughly researched content.


TEAM DEVELOPMENT with Flexible Delivery Options

Removing a work team from the workplace is not only logistically challenging but expensive in terms of resource cost and the impact on your customers. Your team building, training and development interventions can be configured as short facilitated sessions, focused workshops or a staged modular programme to accommodate the type, level and stage of your team, your business objectives, timeline and budget. This approach ensures relevant, timely, targeted team development with maximum flexibility.


How to Get Started

If you would like to discuss running an EXCEL team building workshop or development programme within your organisation, specifically tailored to your needs, in a location of your choice, please use the enquiry form to arrange a time for a confidential, obligation free consultation.

Excellerate Performance with EXCEL Team Building and Development

Excellerate's EXCEL Team Building and Development

Excellerate's EXCEL Team Building and Development

An overview of our approach to creating custom designed team development that develops awareness, insight and performance sustaining team skills.

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EXCEL Facilitation Off Sites, Meetings and Team Retreats

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Excellerate's EXCEL Team Performance Coaching

EXCEL Team Performance Coaching

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