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As organisations and managers struggle to find the time to dedicate to developing their teams EXCEL team coaching is a practical and proven way to strengthen collaboration and improve performance

Outstanding leaders have always coached their teams however, in pressured work environments managers are often hard pressed to find the time to invest in developing their team. They can also find themselves overwhelmed by the dynamics which occur when people within teams, and different teams, work together. An independent Excellerate team coach can play a key role by working closely with a team and their leader to bridge the gap between expectation and performance; in a similar way that managers and coaches collaborate to develop high performance sports teams.

Excellerate EXCEL Team Development and Performance Coaching

Coaching is the primary strategy for managing and developing effective work teams 

Coaching is the primary strategy for managing and developing effective work teams Team coaching is both an individual and team development process that uses an integrated combination of strategies that enables an intact work team to make real-time interventions to improve its dynamics, processes and alignment with the team’s performance needs.

Focus on 3 Areas of
Team Performance

Team coaching is ultimately about improving a team's task performance but sustainable improvements in task performance are the result of managing three areas of team focus:

1. Achieving the task (business goals and objectives)

2. Managing continuous learning at both operational and wider contextual levels; and

3. Managing behaviours within the team, between the team and with external stakeholders.

EXCEL team coaching facilitates and supports the effective interaction and integration of the three areas to build teams that are more successful over the long term.

Team Coaching Builds the Team's Collective Capability

Team coaching is often confused with team building events, training or off site days. While typical team building events and training courses often rely on an external expert facilitator to design and lead the process in contrast EXCEL Team Coaching:

  • Involves the leader, the team and coach in co-designing the coaching process.

  • Incorporates processes that are led by team members to minimise dependency on the coach.

  • Shifts the team from reactive to proactive by enabling the team to think through what they are doing and why, how they can integrate individual skill sets and how they will improve and innovate.

  • Develops self-correction skills and processes that are critical for team performance, especially in situations where teams must adapt quickly to dynamic circumstances


Team Coaching Promotes Real Time Collaborative Team Learning

Team building events and training courses are generally conducted off site whereas EXCEL Team Coaching is:

  • Undertaken onsite within the workplace because the more closely learning is integrated with day-to-day activities, the greater and more lasting its impact on individual and collective performance.

  • Focused on the team's specific real time concerns and operational activity which promotes learning that is purposeful and directly related to the accomplishment of the team task.

  • Facilitates the emergence of accurate shared mental models upon which effective team coordination and performance depends


Team Coaching enables the team to manage its own dialogue to strengthen its capability

Team Learning transforms conversational and collective thinking skills, so that a group’s capacity to reliably develop their intelligence and ability is greater than the sum of its individual member's talents.

  • It fosters a higher quality of communication, both within the team and between the team and its stake-holders

  • It helps the team to engage in the type of dialogue necessary for addressing performance issues constructively and effectively.

  • It promotes the social dialogue that builds rapport, stimulates understanding of self and other team members, and the skills to generate productive conflict within the team.


What does EXCEL Team Coaching involve?

The Leader and Intact Work Team

EXCEL team coaching involves working with an intact work team as a whole system, rather than as a group of individuals, with the ultimate goal of improving effectiveness at the team level. The team typically includes the team manager/leader and all participating team members, and is ideally limited to 8-10 members.

The programme includes five phases:

  1. Performance and Development Needs Assessment
  2. Programme Design and Performance Agreements
  3. Regular Team Coaching Clinics
  4. Regular Progress Reviews
  5. Final Programme Evaluation

Team coaching is conducted on site and in person. It may be supported by experiential team workshops, profiling and assessments and one on one coaching with individual team members where appropriate.

In addition to the scheduled in-person onsite coaching sessions, team members have unlimited email and phone access with their team coach throughout the period of the coaching programme.


The Role of the Team Coach

The primary role of the coach is to empower the leader and the team to make real-time interventions to improve the dynamics and its alignment with its performance needs.

An independent Excellerate coach helps the leader and the team to define the team's coaching goals through raising their level of awareness, challenging their thinking and assumptions, helping them to reflect on their performance and then developing and implementing their own solutions. It is a collaborative process where the Excellerate coach guides and supports the team in:

  • Identifying from everyone’s perspective what prevents the team from getting the results they want

  • Examining and learning about the issues they’ve identified.

  • Reviewing and improving how they organise themselves, and how they work and think as a productive group

  • Developing an understanding and appreciation of different skill sets and strengths within the team

  • Viewing the bigger pictures and thinking outside the box to solve problems more creatively

  • Improving individual and group interpersonal interactions and resolving conflicts

  • Communicating and collaborating more effectively to meet shared objectives

  • Becoming more self-managing by developing the requisite mindset and disciplines


The Team Coaching Programme Duration

A basic programme would involve up to 6 x 75 minute onsite team coaching sessions conducted every two-three weeks. Follow up actions and agreed assignments are completed between each coaching session. It's important to note though that EXCEL team coaching programmes are customised to ensure focus, fit and relevancy so the approach and timeframes can vary based on the team’s needs, goals, workloads and challenges.

The cost of your customised EXCEL team coaching programme is therefore determined by your goals and team needs, the duration, location, number of employees and teams, the frequency of coaching and your organisation's financial resources.


How to Get Started

If you would like to discuss running an EXCEL team coaching programme within your organisation, specifically tailored to your team's needs, in a location of your choice, please use the enquiry form to get in touch. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for a confidential, obligation free consultation.

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