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Excellerate Leadership Training and Development for Frontline Leaders

Excellerate designs and facilitates customised in house leadership training and development programmes aligned to your organisation's goals and the development needs of your leaders. This tightly tailored approach ensures a focused investment that produces effective learning with increased skills transfer for effective on-the-job performance. Excellerate also partners with organisations to integrate leadership training and development with their larger business improvement initiatives.

Instructionally sound, tailor made training that targets your learning needs and business objectives

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Emotionally engaging learning that's challenging, memorable and fun

Learning materials that can incorporate your branding when required

5+ employees? In-house training is often a more cost effective and efficient solution than a public training course

What do your leaders need know and do?

Select a leadership role and discover the training and development Excellerate provides in these key leadership competencies areas to empower effective leadership performance.

  • The Authentic Leader is concerned with self leadership and personal effectiveness. It acts as a flywheel, and moral compass, for effective performance at all levels of leadership. If you’re unable to lead yourself well, you’ll be unable to inspire and lead others effectively. Your team will question your competence, authority and right to lead.
  • As a Frontline Leader the Navigator sets the direction and charts the course for their team. They do this by translating the organisation's vision and long-range strategies into short term operational plans that direct and guide the daily work of the team. The Navigator also initiates and leads their team through change, which requires the ability to persuade and influence others, build coalitions and manage networks of internal and external relationships.
  • As a Frontline Leader the Talent Manager contributes to the capability of the organisation by recruiting the right people and managing their performance around key results.

    This involves building productive one on one relationships and developing their employee's potential, skills and talents as well as engaging, enabling and directing their individual contribution to achieve the team's mission.
  • As a Frontline Leader the Team Coach motivates, manages and develops cohesive work teams that work together effectively to achieve outstanding results for their customers and stakeholders. This involves creating and sustaining an environment and culture that enables the team's performance, utilising the talents within the team to achieve objectives, facilitating effective team planning, problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution...
  • As a Frontline Leader the Director plans and co-ordinates the execution of the team's work to achieve key objectives. It involves planning, initiating action, problem solving and decision making, as well as identifying, prioritising, deploying and coordinating resources to ensure the timely provision of quality services and products to customers. This requires liaising with internal and external customers, the improvement of systems and processes, measuring and reporting..
  • Making the Transition to Team Leader develops the core leadership and management skills to assist newly promoted supervisors with the challenging transition from individual contributer to team leader. It introduces the fundamentals of motivation, communication, time and priority management, delegation, team building, developing employees and managing performance.

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