Excellerate Performance Instructional Design Service

Expert Learning Design and Content Development for Performance-Based Instructor Led Training Delivered by YOUR Trainers

Excellerate's instructional design expertise and proven methodology produces learner centred performance based courseware that enables in house trainers to meet their organisation's learning and development needs. We work in partnership with your trainers and subject matter experts to design, develop and deliver relevant and effective instructor led staff training that's on time, on budget and fit for purpose.

Excellerate Instructional Design Service

What is Instructional Design Exactly? 

Instructional design is a systematic process that begins with understanding the learner in their performance context and then engaging learners in active learning to support greater learner achievement. This process involves:

  • Identifying and understanding the learners in the target group,
  • Clearly defining course goals, objectives, and learning outcomes,
  • Creating engaging learning activities and assignments,
  • Creating metrics to support learning objectives, and
  • Using different media to improve the participants learning experience.

The final product may be in the form of participant and leader guides, audio visual aids, learner job aids, technical documentation or simulations. The development process ensures that the training need is clearly defined, the courses are well designed, there are quality materials that can be used before, during and after training, and appropriate strategies are applied for effective knowledge transfer. 

Excellerate's Instructional Design service for company training

When would you use Excellerate's Instructional Design Service?

Those responsible for training and development frequently face the daunting task of having to provide training that addresses a particular issue. They find that existing course materials don't address their specific needs, and close enough just isn't good enough, so they need to create an entirely new programme. Then there are situations when:

  • An existing course needs to be updated.
  • A course isn't working the way it should.
  • The scale and cost of a consultant led programme would prevent you from providing the amount of training you really need.
  • You have the subject matter experts and all the content but no idea where to begin or how to develop the training.
  • Your people have the expertise, relationships and credibility but they need the training resources [and facilitation skills.]
  • You have the in house instructional design capability but your trainers are already over committed on other projects.

Combine your content and expertise with our design experience to create and deliver cost effective quality training on demand

In summary, you would choose to use an Excellerate Instructional Designer when: 

  • You have the knowledge and expertise that needs to be shared within the organisation but you don't have the capability, time or resources to make it happen.

  • It makes sense from a cost, consistency and credibility perspective to have your own trainers and subject matter experts deliver your training programme

You retain complete control

Professional graphic designers use specialist tools to prepare and display your documents but if you ever need to update or edit your training materials then you will typically need to pay for this service. Excellerate uses the same Microsoft products that you do which means you can easily edit all the documents we produce whenever you want. 

You can deliver training on demand

When you own the materials you can deploy your training as often as required, reusing the documents for any number of participants, without incurring licensing fees as all the resources and templates are owned by you.

How does the Instructional Design Process Work?

Excellerate Performance Instructional Design Process

We begin by taking the time to listen to and fully understand your needs along with the unique culture and challenges that exist within your organisation then we translate this insight in to an engaging training programme that delivers your desired learning and business outcomes. This means during your instructional design project you can expect Excellerate to:

  • Consult with you to assess your requirements, establish the design specifications and formulate the most effective strategy.
  • Work closely with your subject matter experts to ensure that your training is hardwired to on job performance.

  • Apply proven instructional design methodology and active adult learning practices to promote effective learning and transfer.

  • Incorporate your terminology, procedures, processes and work examples to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

  • Provide you with the advice and guidance necessary to ensure the successful delivery of your training.

  • Conduct formal Train - the -Trainer workshops, when required, to provide your trainers with a thorough understanding of the programme and the facilitation skills to deliver the training effectively.

What type of Instructional Design Projects do you work on?

Excellerate's instructional design service supports training and development projects including but not limited to:

Frameworks, Blueprints & Templates

Developing competency frameworks, design blueprints and templates for your trainers and subject matter experts to ensure quality, consistency and effective learning

Full Suite Courseware

Developing course management plans with participant workbooks, learning aids and facilitator's manuals for courses, workshops and seminars

Self Paced Learning

Designing self paced learning materials that stand alone or can be integrated with traditional course formats

Revising & Updating

Revising and updating your current staff training programmes and courseware.

Active Learning

Converting traditional staff training into more active and engaging learning

Training & Support

Training and supporting your people to facilitate classroom based and on job training with competence and confidence

How to get started

If you would like to discuss how Excellerate's Instructional Design service can assist you with your specialist staff training and development needs please use the enquiry form to get in touch. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for a confidential, obligation free consultation.

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