FREE DIY Professional Development Resources

Excellerate’s library of free DIY personality and psychometric resources to strengthen your personal, professional and team effectiveness

Excellerate actively encourages initiative and the great Kiwi tradition of Do it Yourself because, although we believe that organisations need to invest in their people, individuals need to take responsibility for their professional development as well.

One factor that separates high performance people from the crowd is that they are generally self improving. They pursue opportunities to build their experience. They develop their self awareness through introspection and interacting with other people. They learn through observation, and they read. They take responsibility for proactively managing their personal development and professional path.


FREE Icebreakers & Team Building Games

This collection of free icebreakers, energisers and team building games can be used with a variety of groups. They include simple icebreakers and energisers, low level team building activities as well as more involved group activities.


FREE Online Personality & Psychometric Tests

Learn about your strengths, talents, personality and temperament by trying out a variety of free online IQ and personality tests. Practise for employment testing with the free online psychometric tests.