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Why We Do What We Do

When organisations develop, enable and align the full expression of their people's passion and talents in the pursuit of a purposeful vision, extraordinary things can and do happen. They create vibrant workplaces where people are deeply committed to solving problems and creating opportunities through innovative products and services that generate stellar results for all stakeholders. In doing so, people experience growth, greater job satisfaction and professional success. Communities flourish and economies thrive, fuelling the engine of success. The organisation prospers and endures. Everyone wins.

What We Believe and How We Behave

We approach our work with thought, care and commitment, and we want to work with organisations and people who do the same. Our four Performance Excellerators© inspire our purpose, align our efforts and guide our professional practice. 

Excellerate Performance New Zealand


Engage in a powerful purpose with passionate commitment

Excellerate Performance New Zealand


Empower talent and unleash potential to drive exceptional performance

Excellerate Performance New Zealand


Execute with integrity, tenacity, precision and clarity of purpose

Excellerate Performance New Zealand


Achieve outstanding results for customers and stakeholders

Who We Work With

Excellerate Performance is a New Zealand training and development consultancy that was established in early 2000. During this time we've partnered with many organisations across a wide variety of sectors. We've also worked with many smaller less well known Kiwi businesses as well as employees who contact us independently because they're ambitious, dedicated and want to advance in their career.

Over 80% of our assignments are repeat clients who return year after year because they know we deliver on what we say we do. The balance of our assignments come from two sources: organisations and individuals who contact Excellerate because we were recommended by people we've worked with. There are also visitors like you who give us a call once they've decided we might be able to help. You will find unsolicited feedback throughout the website from people and organisations we've collaborated with to illustrate pride in our partnerships and what we have accomplished together.


How We Work

1. Design for Learning Focus on Performance

Excellerate works with organisations, leaders, teams and employees to build their knowledge, skills and capacity through customised staff training, team development and coaching programmes. You would choose Excellerate when you've determined that you would achieve the best results from a training or development programme that's designed specifically to address an employee performance gap or improvement opportunity. In our coaching, we work at the coalface with leaders and teams on real issues, challenges and opportunities. We strive to create an atmosphere in which partnerships flourish and where people excel.

2. Evidence Based Practice and Process

We are diligent about developing our knowledge in evidence based practices however the real test is not how much the Excellerate coach or facilitator knows but how well they use this expertise to assist others to be exceptional at what they do. That's the empowerment part of Excellerate's excellence equation.

This is why "Performance" is part of our name and why we commit, in equal measure, to ensuring the relevance and validity of programme content and the strategies that enable people to learn, integrate, and apply that learning. So, while we actively pursue creativity and experimentation we balance this by working with proven practices and commonsense above current fads. People and teams succeed because of the robustness of their learning, the integrity of the process and the practical usefulness of the insights and competencies.

3. Adaptive Collaboration

We work closely with you and your people, adapting our approach and services to match the requirements of the assignment. This approach is less about, "This is the way you should do it" and more about 'What are you trying to do and how can we help you to achieve it?' This means that sometimes the solutions we design will be more involved while others will be quite simple. They will always be fit for your purpose and focused on results.

4: In Service of the Mission

We've worked inside organisations and experienced organisational life including the challenges of promotion from team member to team leader and into the ranks of middle and senior management. This real world breadth and depth of experience has proven invaluable when working with leaders and teams in the workplace. It enables us to view their world through their lens, connect with their mission and to recognise that change creates challenge. Therefore, without regard to our own short-term interests, the solutions and services we recommend are those we would stand by if we were owned or employed by the people and companies we work with.

5: Kiwi Initiative and Can Do Ingenuity

Excellerate actively encourages initiative and the great Kiwi tradition of Do It Yourself because, while organisations need to invest in their people if they are to achieve great things, good leaders don’t create a state of dependency. They require individuals to take responsibility for their own careers and professional development too. That's why we freely share our expertise through the free DIY development resources

Engaging Training and Effective Development 
Empowering Talent Potential and Performance

Whether you lead a business or team, provide support to employees within an organisation, or if you're an ambitious professional take some time to learn about Excellerate's training and professional development services, then if you think we can help use the enquiry form to arrange a time for a confidential, obligation free consultation. We would love to hear from you.

EXCEL team building and development programmes

Team Building & Development

High impact team building and development that empowers teams to work better together.

LEAD Leadership training and training development programmes

Leading People & Teams 

In house training and development aligned to organisation goals and development needs of your leaders

SUCCEED professional training and development courses

Professional Excellence

Developing the insight, knowledge and skills to strengthen personal effectiveness, productivity and performance

EXCEED Customer Service Excellence Training Programmes

Frontline Service Excellence

Developing the customer focused attitudes, skills and behaviours required to deliver exceptional and memorable service.

Excellerate Instructional Design Service

Instructional Design Service

Expert instructional design of courseware for instructor led training delivered by YOUR trainers

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