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Our fundamental human need to belong is a force so strong that it exerts a powerful influence over our behaviour. We will often act in ways that contradict our personal values in order to secure membership, reclaim membership or prevent exclusion from a group. This need to belong is a legacy of our evolutionary past. Survival was far greater for those who lived and worked together in groups. However, our ability to interact with others successfully for the common good of the group remains one of our greatest challenges.

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  • The key to success, and greater self actualisation where you enjoy more peak work experiences, is to find your individual sweet spot. Once you have defined your sweet spot you can run any (business or career) decision against these three areas. You will clearly see where there's alignment and where there's a disconnect.
    Posted: Saturday 29 June 2013
  • People often assume that finding their passion is a matter of luck. They observe people who either found their passions early in life or who stumbled upon their love through some random circumstance. In the absence of these lucky discoveries their search would have been much longer and more challenging. However, it pays to examine these situations a little more closely.
    Posted: Monday 17 June 2013

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