SUCCEED Professional Excellence Staff Training and Development

SUCCEED Professional Excellence Staff Training and Development

SUCCEED staff training and development actively engages learners in developing the insight, knowledge and skills to strengthen their personal effectiveness, productivity and performance. The following training outlines include example learning agenda as Excellerate tailors your training based on your employee's specific learning needs and your business priorities.

Instructionally sound, tailor made training that targets your learning needs and business objectives

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Flexible format and delivery to work with your budget, commitments and timelines

Emotionally engaging learning that's challenging, memorable and fun

Learning materials that can incorporate your branding when required

5+ employees? In-house training is often a more cost effective and efficient solution than a public training course

SUCCEED Courses, Skill Builder Workshops and Development Programmes

  • Many time management courses adopt a one-size-fits-all approach however individuals are unique in their personal orientation and professional situation. That’s why this workshop guides participants through a process of examining habits, challenges and opportunities within the context of their personal and professional environment. It introduces practical tools, techniques and practices that enables them to design their personal productivity system and prioritised implementation plan
  • Resilience is the capacity to mobilise personal resources to maintain well-being and work performance under pressure, including the ability to bounce-back from setbacks effectively. Our natural resilience is a combination of personal characteristics AND learned skills which means resilience can be developed whatever our starting point; and in times of accelerating change and complexity this is becoming increasingly important for individual and business performance.
  • This practical workshop is designed to develop the core competencies of a workplace trainer who, as a Subject Matter Expert, delivers on job training in their area of technical expertise. They may be responsible for induction training, upskilling and cross training of team members and retraining due to the implementation of new systems and procedures.
  • Working Together and Collaborating Successfully with Others. Differing work styles can lead to unnecessary conflict, reduced efficiency, ineffective teamwork, and the loss of good people and valued customers. People can work together more effectively, and develop more productive relationships, when they better understand themselves, their co-workers and customers; and when they have the skills to connect, communicate and relate in more constructive ways.
  • You Don’t Have to Be in Charge to Get Great Results. This highly practical workshop introduces you to relationship-based persuasion skills and strategies, rather than rely on the use of authority or coercion, to secure the co-operation and commitment of others.
  • We all experience conflict in our lives. Today’s workplaces are not only more diverse but they demand that people work together collaboratively. However, as people with different work styles and divergent goals come together, conflict is inevitable. Expand your repetoire of interpersonal skills and negotiation strategies to work together more effectively and resolve workplace conflict more constructively.
  • Fundamental skills for beginners. This foundation-level workshop introduces participants to the basic skills and techniques necessary for leading effective meetings. It enables team leaders, managers and professionals to get the most from the meetings they lead by achieving clearly defined meeting outcomes, maximising participant contribution and managing challenging meeting dynamics.
  • The Essential Small Group Facilitation skills workshop is designed for managers and professionals who are required to facilitate small groups, including their team, in collaborative planning, problem solving, idea generation, information sharing and decision making. During the practical, interactive workshop they develop the essential skills to generate greater engagement, build consensus, keep the group focused and manage dysfunctional behaviours to achieve productive group outcomes
  • The Strength Deployment Inventory is a powerful tool and proven, memorable method for developing productive internal and external relationships, improving personal, professional and team effectiveness and reducing the hidden costs of conflict. Unlike many other personality assessments, the SDI goes beyond behaviour to identify the motivation behind behaviour — answering “why” individuals act the way they do.

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